Seeing Nature at the Microscopic Scale

Phenomenal events happen at all spatiotemporal scales. We’re particularly interested the physical properties and dynamics of systems that can be observed under a microscope. Our systems of interest range from collections of nanoparticles to vesicles in mammalian cells. The fascinating observations in this regime formulate questions about their underlying physics. To interrogate these questions, we build custom apparatuses, including novel microscopes, and develop simulation methods to measure and understand our systems of interest at the appropriate time and length scales.

Our research interests are wide ranging. See our publications for what’s currently under our microscopes.


Research Areas

Optical Matter

Particles in optical traps interact with one another via scattered electromagnetic fields, and can assemble into stable structures known as Optical Matter. The behavior of optical matter varies widely with the incident field and number of particles.


NanoPlasmonics & Spectroscopy

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cellular biophysics

Life at steady state is far from simple.  Biological transport can range from Brownian-like to highly driven. Cargo trafficking is an active transport process that undergoes mechanistically complex and varied motion. 


Theory // Modeling // Simulation

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